The Nobel Prize Laureates

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The Nobel Prize Laureates

Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica 2022, no. 1 (4)

Widely regarded as the greatest achievement imaginable, the Nobel Prize in Literature contributes to the Western canon with regard to its aesthetics, morality, and market. Such a success is rarely a purpose, being a by-product of one’s writing career instead. Yet, what can be said about those who have not earned this prize? What about the rejected and undermined writers, or those who were not skilful enough? What about those born in the literary peripheries, whose merits are not mentioned in the analyses? Nonetheless, it is the winners and the laureates who are included in national and worldwide pantheons, promoted as the leading brands, and meticulously counted by the bookkeepers of excellence. Indeed, they deserve all of the honours mentioned above; fortunately, the rest is not silence, or silent, for that matter.

In this issue, we are proposing to re-read the oeuvres of Italian and Polish Nobel Prize in Literature laureates. It seems that their words are so canonical that they hardly mean anything today. We believe that they can be revived in the vibrancy of new times, surprising perspectives, and our own backgrounds. Sienkiewicz, Carducci, Reymont, Deledda, Pirandello, Quasimodo, Montale, Miłosz, Szymborska, Fo, Tokarczuk: what would they tell us today, after so many years?

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