Literary Reportage

As the Editorial Board, we hereby announce that the CFPs for the forthcoming issues of our journal have been published, and we are looking forward to receiving your submissions. We are accepting articles in Polish, Italian, and English. We kindly invite you to join our project and contribute to the issues listed below.

Literary Reportage

Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica 2023, no. 1 (5)

Fuelled by the insatiable appetite for consuming stories, the desires of the contemporary human beings are more frequently than ever fulfilled outside of what we call LITERATURE. Ambitious cinema, TV series, immersive computer games: these media have been providing us with visually attractive, “colourful and flickering” narratives that stimulate our imagination. Overdosed with digital light and intoxicated with the services of spreading simulacra, the audience nowadays is looking for an antidote to toxins of “fiction” in the traditionally understood writing. This medicine can be found in “non-fiction” literary works and, more precisely, in the noble form of literary reportage (arguably, the royal genre if we count its triumphs and conquers in Poland and Italy). In order to map the main vectors of this social interest, we have to analyse the literary phenomenon properly. We are therefore interested in the articles addressing the broad spectrum of problems stemming from the particular realisations of literary reportage, written by – yet not limited to – such authors as: Kapuściński, Fallaci, Krall, Terzani, Górecki, Tizian, Tochman, Liberti, Szczygieł, Saviano, Hugo-Bader, Piovene, Rumiz, Tuszyńska, Collura, Rastello, or Jagielski.>/p>

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We would like announce that with regard to the issue forthcoming in 2021 the call for papers is nearly closed and we accept only the texts that will be included in Varia.