Relationships in relation: see at “otherness”.

Giuseppe Moscati

(Fondazione Centro Studi Aldo Capitini di Perugia)
E-mail: giuseppe.moscati[at]
ORCID: 0000-0001-8597-1954
DOI: 10.31261/FLPI.2021.03.10
„Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica” 2021, nr 1, s. 167-174

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We are beings in relationship and the identity concept itself is unthinkable without the concept of otherness, which moves us, provokes us, even hurts us but, at the same time, transforms us and makes us free. Thus the co-evolutive relationship is a precious critical key which allows us to read what violence is, its first logics, its differentiated praxis. «I am born – as Aldo Capitini said – every time I say “you”». Going back to good human relationships, provided they are loyal and free of empty rhetoric, means to propose a nonviolent strategy to tackle conflict, starting by denouncing the mechanism of reduction of the “other” (reduced to a victim, or an enemy or a mere object) and aiming to the construction of a new community.