“Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica”, nr 1 (2) 2020 – Heritage of Bona Sforza

nr 1 (2) 2020 - Bona Sforza

„Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica”
nr 1 (2) 2020

Heritage of Bona Sforza,
red. Agnieszka Bender, Janina Janas

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Agnieszka Bender, Janina Janas: Introduction

Articles and Studies

Angelantonio Spagnoletti: Bona Sforza – between Poland, Naples, and Bari. The Rivalry of the Great European Powers in the 16th Century

Agnieszka Bender: Bona Sforza d’Aragon and the Role of Fashion in Creating Her Image

Monika Werner: The Image of Queen Bona in Polish Drama

Janina Janas: The Portrait of Jan Grotkowski in the Poems of Jan Andrzej Morsztyn and the Question of the “Neapolitan Sums”

Monika Werner: A Forgotten Film about Barbara Radziwiłłówna


Maurizio Griffo: National and Liberal. The Constitutionalism of the Italian Risorgimento

Iwona Dorota: Zofia and Livio Odescalchi in Two Epistolary Sources


Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz: Bari (transl. Janina Janas, Stefania Riccardo)

Discussions, overviews and commentaries

Janina Janas: Miron Costin – Chronicler and Poet

Francesco Cabras: Some Reflections on a New Edition of C. Carmignano’s Viaggio della Serenissima S. Bona Regina in Polonia