Data availability statement

Data availability statement

University of Silesia undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act dated 4th April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector entities. Data availability statement concerns the website „Fabrica Litterarum Polono-Italica”.

Date of website publication: 2019-03-08
Date of recent major update: 2019-12-01

The website complies with the Act dated 4th April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector entities.

The statement was drawn up on: 2019-09-20

The statement was drawn up on the basis of self-assessment conducted by the public sector entity.

Feedback and contact data

In case of difficulties with website accessibility, please contact us. The primary contact is Mariusz Jochemczyk, It is also possible to contact us via telephone: 32 2009416 . Requests for providing the inaccessible information as well as complaints on the lack of accessibility may be submitted following the same procedure.

Everybody has the right to request the digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or an element thereof. One may also request the information with the aid of an alternative access method, for instance through reading out the inaccessible digital document, describing the content of a film with no audio-description etc. The request should contain the data of a person submitting the request, an indication which website or mobile application is concerned and the contact method. If the person requests the need to obtain the information via alternative access method, he/she should additionally specify a convenient method of revealing this information. The public entity should forthwith process the request, not later than within 7 days of the request being submitted. If compliance with the above deadline is not possible, the entity shall immediately inform the requester of the nearest possible date when the request may be processed, whereby this date shall not exceed 2 months from the request having been submitted. If providing digital access is not possible, the public entity may offer an alternative method of accessing the information. In case the public entity refuses to process the request of providing access or refuses to provide access via an alternative method, the requester may file a complaint on the lack of digital availability of a website, mobile application or an element thereof. Having exhausted all of the above methods, one may file an application with the Polish Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

Katowice, Sejmu Śląskiego 1

Accessibility of the entrance and passage through control areas
Entry to the building by persons with mobility impairment takes place through a separate door located on the front wall of the building. The door is covered by the access control system and video monitoring and is automatically opened by the security employee following a signal from the external button. The door can also be operated by the person with disability if he/she possesses an access card or a remote control. The entrance may be accessed via the parking lot and the basement with the use of a ramp with a slight, standard tilt angle.

Accessibility of corridors, stairs and elevators
Corridors, staircases and elevators are accessible to all users. An elevator with adjusted size of the cabin is made available to persons with vertical mobility impairment. The elevator stops on all floors on which research and didactic activities are conducted and services provided. Persons moving in a wheelchair, having entered the building through the designated entrance located on the level of the basement may use the above mentioned elevator to access all floors from -1 to 5 and moving further along the corridor, access all rooms and offices. Persons moving in wheelchair may cope with the level differences on the ground floor and 5th floor with the use of a platform and a ramp.

Types of adjustments inside the building
On the ground floor and 5th floor there are two wheelchair platforms which enable persons moving in wheelchairs to independently cope with level differences on the corridors (3 stairs). The platforms may be operated by persons with disabilities themselves as well as by the maintenance technicians who may be called via intercom. On the premises there are 8 toilets adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities, one per each floor (and two on the ground floor). The toilets are additionally equipped with a paging system used in cases of emergency. There are two passengers’ elevators operating in the building. Their external and internal control panels are equipped with tactile information prepared in Braille’s alphabet intended for the use of persons with visual disabilities.

Parking places designated for persons with disabilities and exploitation thereof
There is a parking lot located in front of the building (plac Sejmu Śląskiego) designated for the faculty employees. The control of control takes place via folding parking posts located on each of the 19 parking places. The keys to each of the parking place are available at the gate-house. Additionally, there is one restricted parking place for persons with disabilities located in direct vicinity of the entrance for these persons. This parking place ensures free access via one-way road from ulica Jagiellońska. Opposite the one-way road located alongside the building one may access a municipal parking lot with numerous parking places.

Admission with assistance dog
Please be advised that it is possible to enter the premises with an assistance dog or a guide dog.

Sign language interpreter
We do not provide services of sign language interpreters nor on-line interpreter’s services on the premises. The necessity of assistance of a sign language interpreter should be reported 3 days prior to the anticipated visit at the latest.